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Shabbat mornings at The Orchard Street Shul

A reminder that we have Shabbat services every Shabbat morning at The Orchard Street Shul!

For this week:

Shabbat at 9:30 AM (Jan. 28th, 2016 – 1st of Shevat/Rosh Chodesh, 5777) – Shabbat morning services (Parashat Va’eira – “and I appeared”) followed by Kiddush.

Some fun facts about the new month:

Shevat (שְׁבָט) is the fifth month of the civil year starting in Tishre and the eleventh month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar starting in Nisan. It is a winter month of 30 days. Shevat usually occurs in January–February on the Gregorian calendar. The name of the month was taken from the Akkadian language during the Babylonian Captivity. The assumed Akkadian origin of the month is Šabātu meaning strike that refers to the heavy rains of the season. In Jewish texts the month is first mentioned by this name in Zechariah 1 (Prophets).

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