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Believe in People

There is a popular graffiti artist who tags his work as BiP or
Believe in People. You can see some of his work around New Haven. In
this week’s Torah portion, G-d painted the sky with a tremendous
rainbow. There was a great flood which nearly destroyed all of the
world. Most of humanity living at the time was destroyed, save for
Noah and his family. G-d sought to restart the world as people
descended into an unholy and overly materialistic lifestyle.

After the catastrophic event, G-d’s rainbow appeared in the sky as a
promise that He would never destroy the world again. G-d was saying
that from now on He believes in the people to make the right choices
and to live a positive and constructive life.

In this difficult and chaotic time for our world, we must remember
that rainbow and know that G-d does trust us. We can make the proper
decisions and right this seemingly wrong direction. It really takes
humanity believing in themselves, that they are capable of restoring
the peace and calm in the world. If G-d believes in us, we need to
believe in ourselves.

Make it happen,

Rabbi Mendy Hecht

October 19, 2017 | From the Board of Directors | 0

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