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Parshat Noach

Come Build an Ark

Noach was the man of the hour. G-d was going to bring a flood to
destroy the world due to humanities perverse and unjust actions, and
He asked Noach and his family to build an ark that would house the
family along with at least two of each type of animal. After the
flood, these survivors would begin to repopulate the world anew.

Many have asked the question of why did G-d bother to save those from
the “old world” to reproduce in the “new world”; couldn’t He just
recreate the entire world? Could He not start with a whole new

While there are many different thoughts as to why G-d chose to do it
this way, there is one that really hits home. Had G-d chose to
recreate the world from scratch it would’ve been a terrible lesson
for all those who came after Noach. It would mean that when chaos
rules or when the world is in a lawless state, there is no solution
other than complete destruction.

By telling Noach to build an ark and live in it during the great
flood and ride out the storm, G-d was sending a message to all future
generations that we must also build a proverbial “ark”. We must have
a place to go to during tough times. The world will never be perfect
and in order to survive we must be sure that we never get “taken” by
its ways. The ark serves as a spiritual safe house during turbulent
times and allows us to stay afloat during all the meshugas.

Need a hammer?

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