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Finding the Fire

Imagine a life where never had to second guess ourselves and our every decision was made with conviction and strength. We would not be plagued with self doubt and worry; we would crash though barriers and obstacles in our path on our way to achieving our goals. Hesitation would not be a factor and our days would be filled with great accomplishments.

The Torah tells us about the Jewish people traveling through the desert and how a cloud of glory led them during the day and a pillar of fire showed the way at night. It’s nice having divine directions. Many commentaries see the pillar of fire at night as G-d’s direction during the “time of night” or the exile. During our dark times, there is a G-dly pillar of fire helping us find our way. How do we find that fire? Shouldn’t it be obvious and visible?

King Solomon, in the book of Proverbs, tells us where the fire is hiding. He writes “For the mitzvah is the candle and Torah is the light”. During these dark times the light of G-d isn’t revealed. It requires us to “find it” by observing Mitzvot and studying Torah. The effort and time we invest in our connection with G-d uncovers the divine fire. The decisions we make are now informed by this fire thus illuminating the path in front of us. While our “desert” may be filled with with obstacles and challenges, the light of Torah and Mitzvot helps lead the way.

Embrace the light,
Rabbi Mendy Hecht

March 9, 2018 | From the Board of Directors | 0

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