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Making A Home For G-d

It’s been a rough week for America. The tragic news coming out of Southern Florida has us asking when is this madness going to end? How many more of these horrific days can we handle? Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters are mourning the young lives of their loved ones. It is not supposed to be this way.

Everyone has suggestions on how to end this. New laws, background checks and banning weapons are common responses. The discussion turns political very quickly which usually means the end of common sense. Emotions run high and little progress is made.

I don’t think it’s by chance that this week’s Torah portion discusses the building of the Tabernacle, a home for G-d on earth. While there are many verses in the Torah that describe the exact specification of how to build and with what material, it is not so much about the building, rather the concept.

If our lives are focused on “building a home for G-d” then we have a barometer with which to measure our actions. It’s simple, does the action that I want to do fit with the mission. Life isn’t so much about what I want to do, rather about what needs to be done.

If we can somehow promote this idea of making a home for G-d in this world and apply the abstraction of a 3,329 year old task, then our reality would look so very different.

February 16, 2018 | From the Board of Directors | 0

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